Supporting Farmers and Farming Communities

The Chamber will provide the following support to its members:

1. Assist members to get equipment and inputs for their farms e.g. Tractors, Threshers, Seeds, Fertilisers, herbicides and other tools
2. Help to secure markets for members’ products in Sierra Leone or abroad.
3. Provide information on any issue on which members need assistance.
4. To approach Government and local authorities on any issues that are against the interest of members and to fight for policies that will be beneficial to members.
5. To assist in providing information on new farming methods and help members adopt them.
6. To advise members on the quality of products that markets demand especially for the export markets.
7. To work with the Ministry in getting technical support such as extension services, irrigation, drying, preservation and processing of crops to increase farm incomes.
8. To help members get access to financial services by preparing Business Plans for members that will help them get loans from banks.
9. The Chamber form companies for its members and register them.
10. The Chamber can create partnerships between foreign investors and its members.
11. The chamber will form Producer associations through which farmers grow the same crops work together to produce more and better quality of crops and livestock.
12. The chamber will run special skills training for the production and marketing of new products or new varieties of products.
13. The Chamber will also help foreign investor establish agribusinesses in Sierra Leone and ensure that such businesses employ local labour and that local farmers get access to any new skills that the foreign companies might bring.
14. To advocate for the provision of economic and social Infrastructures like, roads, markets, slaughter houses, drying floors, stores, rice mills etc. which will promote rural and agricultural development